Tim Williams and Jonny Hendriksen Invest in 90 Seconds

Posted 5 years ago | by Tim Norton

Today I’m very happy to say that awesome entrepreneurs and investors Tim Williams & Jonny Hendriksen are new partners and investors in 90 Seconds!

We’ve built 90 Seconds over the 1st few years super lean on capital, bootstrapped by founder and early partner investment and organic growth and being super smart with money, so the cash from this initially small investment will enable us to go a long way in the next immediate stage and the 90 Seconds team expands at the highest level.

Who are Jonny & Tim?

Tim and Jonny are originally from New Zealand and now returned with families, spent 20 years in Japan and have successfully listed 2 internet marketing companies in Japan on the Tokyo Stock exchange, the first in their late twenties in 2000 as the 1st Westerners to list a company in Japan, then again a second time shortly following. The 1st company was successfully sold to another listed company and the other remains on the Tokyo exchange today Value Commerce. Jonny and Tim have since gone on to be involved in a range of things that interest them around the world.

I’ve known Jonny for several years since we flew through Glaciers in a Helicopter and I learnt how Jonny and Tim do business and build trust,.It’s early days in our relationship together, but with the trust and history behind us, the experience of Jonny and Tim globally and in Japan, and the path that 90 Seconds is moving on, this will be a space worth watching with many more fun and successful times to come!

What lift 90 Seconds gets:

  1. 2 awesome entrepreneurs as biz partners and advisors
  2. Tim joins the board
  3. Partners for future Japan entry
  4. $250k cash injection
  5. 2 very good humans to share and build the journey with

90 Seconds Status:

  1. 3 years old/young
  2. $1.1m Revenue over last year.
  3. 2 Bases; Auckland New Zealand, and London, UK
  4. 9 Full-time People
  5. Having a good time building it, but would like to be a tad bigger


jonny hendriksen invests in 90 seconds with tim norton



john holt joined 90 seconds

Posted 5 years ago | by Tim Norton

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