Xmas 2014 Release Present – It’s About You!

Posted 3 years ago | by Jake Davy

We have made some changes to the 90 Universe! Changes that will make your 90 Seconds experience easier, more intuitive and just generally more awesome. These improvements make life easier and faster for Brands, Freelancers and us working together with you.

Easier Commenting

From now on, keeping up-to-date with comments on your latest video project(s) will be a breeze. No more unnecessary scrolling around the project page to find out what’s happening and who’s saying what. Everything is now on the right hand side of the page, right where you can see it – and everyone stays on top of everything that’s going on, all the time.

Simpler Brief

We’re like little kids when it comes to nailing things: We love it. So briefing a project will get easier from today. We’re still giving you the option to supply us with all the information we need to create something great, plus we have now added fields for business objectives, audience, distribution & style, specific shot types etc. to ensure we never deliver anything that doesn’t match exactly what you’re looking for.

Personalised Experience

We’ve added the ability to customise the look and feel of the platform, too, so your brand stays front and centre. This has always been your platform to use, but now it can look like you own it as well. Check it out, it’ll cost you nothing to brand your platform the way you want it.

Big Picture Thinking

Like we said earlier, we’re your content production partner and we’re super excited to announce our new strategy page. It shows you what’s working, what might not be, and really brings home the benefits of our ongoing integration with YouTube. Use this tool to get a snapshot of your whole content strategy, segmented for you by us, and let our success manager know what else we could be doing for you straight away.

We’ve Gone Mobile

Finally, we’ve gone mobile. We understand the fluidity of things and that it takes time and multiple feedbacks to make something truly work. So from now on, just because you’re between locations, you no longer have to miss any opportunity to stay part of the conversation.

Posted 3 years ago | by Jake Davy

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